Sara is a nutritional therapist based in Chichester and Bognor Regis, West Sussex, United Kingdom. She sees clients locally or internationally and offers consultations via phone, Skype, email for international clients, at the Mirage Health and Wellbeing clinic, or does home visits. So it doesn’t matter where you live in the world!

One-on-one nutrition coaching provides you with personalized support, guidance, and education to help you reverse your symptoms naturally, and bring your body back into balance, so that you can finally feel like yourself again.

We will do this by following a customized nutrition program designed just for you, which will help us identify which foods are right for your body (and which ones aren’t), support your body’s natural detoxification ability, correct nutritional deficiencies, detoxify chemicals and heavy metals, maximize your nutrient absorption, improve your digestion, heal leaky gut, and rebalance your gut microbiome so that you will finally be able to:

  • Reverse chronic health conditions
  • Find relief from dry eye syndrome
  • Have endless energy
  • Resolve candida or other infections
  • Improve your memory and cognition
  • Find your healthy weight
  • Finally feel like yourself again so that you can do the work you’ve been called to do…every day!

In order to do this I may suggest lab testing to identify the root cause of your health problems. The Lab test I may recommend is a Hair Mineral Analysis Test (HTMA) which will help to guide the nutrition and/or detoxification program. Other functional testing may be recommended such as stool, blood, urine or DNA tests to identify imbalances in the gastrointestinal tract or other systems of the body.

I will look at the body using a whole systems approach. Every system of the body is connected and symptoms in one area of the body are often related to imbalances in another area. Adopting a whole systems approach allows us to address every system of the body and bring the body back in to balance. Once the body is brought back into balance in this way, healing will commence and symptoms gradually disappear as the body becomes healthier and vitality increases. Read more about hair mineral analysis here.

During our time together, I will provide you with the support you need to achieve your health goals.  This will include information and guidance on diet, lifestyle, detoxification protocols, supplementation, and other healing modalities. This will be individualised to your personal health needs.

If you live in the local area please feel free to give me a call on 07918789639, for a quick chat to discuss your concerns. 

If you are international or do not live in my local area of West Sussex you can book a 30 minute discovery call to discuss your how nutritional therapy and HTMA can help your condition below:  $20

Book a 30 Minute Call

(Please note I am now charging $20 for 30 min calls which will be deducted from the cost of your first consultation or Mineral Balancing Program if you choose to book an appointment. Please send $20 via Paypal to to confirm your 30 minute call).

See options for consultation fees, packages and detox programs below:

Offer: Package of Consultations

It is recommended to have at least 3 appointments to receive the most benefit to your health.

Package of the first 3 consultations: £175     Save £20! (Usually £195)

Package of 4 consultations: £215      Save £40! (Usually £255)

Stand Alone Consultations

Initial consultation:

      1.5 Hour In-depth Case Review: £75

You will be sent a questionnaire and 3 day diet diary to fill out prior to the appointment. The appointment will involve an in-depth review of your health history, current symptoms, medications, current supplements and diet.

You will then be given action steps to begin your protocol.

You will receive recommendations for diet, supplements and functional testing.

Functional testing is recommended for most people as it provides a lot more information on the root cause of your health issue and allows us to tailor the protocol specifically to you. Results are usually more effective when testing guides the protocol.

Follow Up Appointments:

45 minutes – 1 hour: £60

A follow-up appointment is recommended at approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment to discuss test results and personalise the supplement/nutrition plan accordingly.

Mineral Balancing Program

Offer: £192    Save £18 (usually £210)


  • The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test
  • First one hour appointment on Skype or by phone to review of your health history, body systems and current symptoms
  • Second one hour appointment to interpret and explain of your hair test results and discuss your protocol
  • Personalised diet protocol based on your case review and current symptoms
  • Personalised supplement protocol based on your unique body chemistry and your case review/questionnaire
  • Additional supplements to support detoxification
  • Personalised lifestyle advice
  • Detoxification protocols
  • Recommendations for additional functional testing if required
  • 30 minutes email support until your next appointment
  • Private Facebook group with people who are doing similar protocols for accountability and support
  • Or get all of the above via email instead of Skype or phone call and save £20!  £177

Mineral Balancing Program Retest:


Or save £10 and have everything on email £125

Recommended after 3-6 months to monitor your progress and adjust the supplement plan as your body chemistry will have changed. Failure to re-test and adjust the program may result in halted progress or you may even get worse rather than better. The reason for this is that as body chemistry changes on a mineral rebalancing program the supplements that you are taking may not be right for your new improved body chemistry and need to be adjusted to ensure healing continues.

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Re-test (Worth £75)
  • One hour Skype or phone consultation to review your progress and symptoms
  • Adjusted supplement, dietary, lifestyle and detox protocol
  • Advice on detoxification symptoms that may arise
  • 30 minutes of email support until your next hair test

It is advisable to have the hair retested every 3-6 months to monitor your progress. As body chemistry changes, the supplement plan will need to be changed for maximum results.

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