Kara Pieracini: Dry eyes

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 ”I’ve been away from the group for a while but I wanted to share my story with everyone in hopes that someone might be helped as I have. My journey with dry eyes began last March after catching pink eye from my kids and using antibiotic eye drops. I Developed severe dry eyes/mgd and jumped from doctor to doctor. Over a course of three months I had seen 5 different ophthalmologist. I started IPL treatments, had lipiflow done, used lotemax, prednisone, doxy, restasis, avenova and list goes on. I spent thousands of dollars trying to find relief. I developed severe depression and anxiety which made it worse. My life was a mess…I was a mess. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Sara Thackeray that I began to find improvement. Through her guidance I started a life style change that included detoxing, diet and supplements to improve my health and heal naturally. I also addressed my mental health and started seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. I got on a good antidepressant and anti anxiety medication which allowed me to finally get some sleep and deal with the emotional trauma the dry eyes had caused. I still have a ways to go but as of right now I use absolutely no eye drops. My light sensitivity and inflammation are nearly gone and my dry eyes do not consume my life. I am hopeful that over the next few months I will continue to improve and quite possibly heal from this horrible thing. The road hasn’t been easy and there are still bad days but looking back to just last summer I have come leaps and bounds! I am finally enjoying life and living life after 9 months of hell.”

Josephine Hardman: Dry eyes

”I came to Sara after suffering with moderate to severe dry eyes for 10 years (I was first diagnosed at age 21). After a comprehensive intake and hair mineral testing, Sara developed a specific protocol for me including diet, supplements, and detoxification measures. What I most appreciate about Sara is that she checks in with me every month and adapts my treatment based on what I’m experiencing. She is also willing to troubleshoot problems and answer all of my questions in a timely manner. Sara is very knowledgeable and often speaks from her own experience with detox and healing, which gives her even more credibility and allows her to fully relate to her clients. After a few months of working together my eyes are feeling about 10% better, which is really wonderful because I was in constant discomfort with burning and extreme dryness when we started. I’m so excited to keep working together on this healing journey! Josephine”
 Peggy Mcconnell: Dry eyes
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 Julie Sawley: Chronic Fatigue
”Sarah was recommended to me by a mutual friend. I had been suffering
for a number of years with extreme fatigue after a hysterectomy and
chemotherapy. Since being under Sarah care and advise I am feeling
much better in myself although there’s still a long way to full
recovery but Im sure recovery is possible as great improvement have
occurred since being guided by sarahs professional advise.”
Julie Sawley.
Alastair Poole: Prostatitis (inflamed prostate)
”I approached Sara for help with prostate problems and found her to be professional and knowledgeable. She advised me on my diet and supplements which contains various nutrients and herbs that have been shown to benefit the prostate. We also worked on my gut, which she said was leaky and inflamed. I used to be a very heavy meat eater, and Sara pointed out that eating a lot of red meat might be causing to much protein in the urine which could be irritating my prostate. My symptoms of frequent urination, and pain have much improved. I am also sleeping much better thanks to several minerals that I believe I was deficient in. I have had insomnia for 10 years, and this is the only thing that has helped after the sleeping pills stopped working! I’m now getting 7 hours sleep per night.
Thanks Sara!”

Janet O’Riordan: Bloating and Fatigue

“Sara is a very knowledgeable and thorough Nutritional Therapist. The diet and lifestyle advice she gave me has been beneficial to my health. After implementing her nutritional plan I no longer suffer with fatigue, I am sleeping much better and my bloating is much reduced.”

Frans Middeldorp: Eczema

”I would recommend consulting Sara to anyone. I was a particularly tough case since I seemed to do everything right to prevent eczema outbreaks. However, Sara went to work and came up with some very useful suggestions that did the trick.”

EC: Chronic fatigue 

”I have had severe exhaustion and was told it was probably chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors told me there was nothing they could do as my blood tests looked normal – yet I couldn’t get out of bed. After a lot of searching I came across nutritional balancing/HTMA and it all made sense finally. I began to build my body back up and start to detox – its not easy but so worth it – I’ve had such good days of energy that I never thought I could achieve again and by watching my progress on the hair charts I know I’m getting there. Its not a quick fix but it is a proper fix and persistence is key and following the programme as close as possible.”

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