My Story

Hi my name is Sara, I am a registered nutritional therapist based in Bognor Regis and Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom.

I have recovered from various chronic health problems including systemic candida by using nutrition and detoxification protocols.

My candida symptoms manifested as severely dry eyes, debilitating brain fog, muscular pains, bloating, constipation, fatigue. I also had a 2-year yeast infection which came back at the drop of hat and I could not completely get rid of!

I had been ill with many of these symptoms for about 10 years and have tried many things on my quest to get well, conventional and natural.

Four years ago I read about candidiasis and its role in many chronic health problems. Willing to try anything I decided to give the anti-candida protocol a go. I followed a strict sugar and fruit free, low carb/grain anti-candida diet for 1 year. During which I took various different anti-fungals in high doses, and very high doses of probiotics of multiple strains.

My diet was ridiculously healthy but very difficult to stick too as I could not have sugar in any form. I could not eat out and could not even have one glass of wine which I enjoyed on occasion. I used medications, douched with yogurt and even did apple cider vinegar enemas to kill yeast in my colon.

No matter what I did I could not get it under control. When I did make some headway after being particularly strict with my diet, all it took was one piece of fruit and bam, id be back to square one with another dreaded yeast infection!

3 years ago I started to try a different approach to the one that I read about on candida forums such as Cure Zone. I embarked on a whole body approach. Rather than just going to war on the candida by repeatedly killing and starving it. This seems to be the most popular method used by people on Cure Zone and similar forums.

Yes, I had candida, that was obvious, and yes, it is contributing to my debilitating symptoms, but maybe I’m not addressing the real problem here? What if fighting candida without addressing the root cause is futile? Well it was for me, I was spinning in circles and getting nowhere fast.

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Candida

After reading about heavy metal toxicity such as mercury or cadmium, I realised there was something much more sinister going on. I started to focus on detoxing heavy metals from my body instead of just trying to kill the candida or starve it with diet. I continued to maintain an anti-candida diet during this time and used probiotics to prevent a major flare up. But once I started to detox heavy metals this is when my health really started to turn around.

I am not exaggerating when I say that all of my problems in life were directly or indirectly caused by toxicity, from heavy metals and other toxins and opportunistic organisms like candida and parasites.

Fast forward to today and I no longer have candida according to functional testing. Yeast infections are a thing of the past. And I can eat as much fruit as I like without any return of the dreaded yeast infection! My other candida/heavy metal related symptoms are also gone or massively improved.

I am still on this protocol and still detox heavy metals and chemicals daily, my health continues to improve every day.

Once heavy metals are addressed people usually start to see amazing improvements in their chronic health problems. Chronic infections such as candida and parasites just go away on their own without the need for anti-fungal herbs or years of hard-to-stick-to diets!

This was the case for me, once I addressed the heavy metal toxicity, my systemic candida and parasitic infections just started to die off on their own! In fact, I have been seeing dead parasites in my stools for about a year despite taking no anti-parasitic herbs to kill them.

I stopped taking the anti-fungals as I did not need them. The candida and parasites were leaving of their own accord now that my body was not a hospitable host for them.

My memory has improved, my eyes no longer burn and I feel more positive about the future!

I am passionate about detoxification and healthy living and have made it my life’s purpose to assist others detox heavy metals and resolve chronic health problems.

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