My Story

Hi my name is Sara, I am a registered nutritional therapist based in Bognor Regis and Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom.

I have recovered from dry various chronic health problems including dry eyes and candida with nutrition and detoxification.

I tried many things on my quest to get well, conventional and natural. Conventional medicine did not help me at all. So I started to look for alternative options.

I began reading about nutrition and its ability to heal the body, so I radically changed my diet, and saw a nutritional therapist and had some functional testing. I went on a supplement protocol and started to detox. I started to see dramatic improvements in my health, my dry eyes significantly improved and I managed to eradicate candida.

I am now a trained nutritional therapist and have undertaken additional training in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

I specialise in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and now recommend this to all of my clients- because with this test we have the ability to go much deeper and address root causes of chronic health issues.

I am passionate about detoxification and healthy living and have made it my life’s purpose to assist others detox heavy metals and resolve chronic health problems.

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