Heal the Cause of Dry Eye: Low Grade Infections

This blog post is part two of a two-part article. So head on over to part one: Dry Eye: The Infection Connection, and read this first, otherwise this article won’t make any sense to you.

This article is going to explain how you can resolve this low-grade infection, which I believe is one of the major root causes of chronic dry eye syndrome.

There’s two ways to tackle this infection, from the outside and from the inside.

For now I’m just going to talk about the approach that I have used my self to heal a low-grade infection in my eyes which was the root cause of my dry eye, as it is the approach that I know defiantly WORKS if you stick it out!

This involves healing from the inside-out by enhancing your bodies innate healing mechanisms.

Activate Your Bodies Innate Healing Response

Everyone of us has within us innate healing mechanisms that once activated can lead to the spontaneous healing and reversal of virtually any chronic health condition that you can think of. I have experienced exactly this. Read my article on the healing crisis for more information about how real deep healing works, and how I have managed to heal or improve a whole host of so-called ‘chronic conditions’, including dry eye syndrome, and a Morton’s Neuroma in my foot, and I also got rid of systemic candida and parasites by simply re-activating my bodies innate healing mechanisms.

After, doing a strict diet and mineral rebalancing protocol, my bodies healing mechanisms sprung back into action and I started to detox toxic metals like crazy, they literally started to pour out of me. I know this because I have had many detox symptoms over the past 4 years. I had metallic smelling body odour, metallic taste in my mouth, extreme thirst and many other detox symptoms. I also healed systemic infections, such as candida and parasites. And my dry eye condition got significantly better.

My body was able to reverse chronic dry eye on its own, all I had to do was support the process with the diet, detox protocols and the correct minerals, which I take based on my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test results. I will discuss this shortly.

Most people’s natural self-healing mechanisms are not functioning well because their cells are starved of minerals and other nutrients, they are overloaded with toxins such as toxic metals (see my article on why everyone is toxic today), they have week adrenal and thyroid gland activity and so they lack the energy to heal, they have a sluggish liver, and they have chronic systemic infections which the immune system is unable to fight off.

The adrenal and thyroid glands are responsible for the energy production of the body, along with energy that is made within the cell. Most people have weak adrenal and thyroid function today, so their bodies do not have enough energy to detox these metals or get rid of low-grade infections. Therefore, they do not have the energy to get rid of this low-grade infection which is causing their dry eye condition.

So this low-grade infection that is causing dry eye syndrome is like a stale mate, the body can not overcome it, because it doesn’t have the energy, but it is also not growing or getting worse. It is chronic.

In addition, everyone is deficient in minerals at the cellular level, and this causes the majority of chronic disease today. Organs, such as the eyes, need specific minerals in order to function optimally. Glandular function (including the Meibomian Glands) also need certain nutrients to function. When the body is deficient in minerals, and overloaded with toxic metals, it will use metals in enzyme binding sites for metabolic functions.

Some metals such as cadmium can do the job, but only at 20% the efficiency of minerals. Therefore, if the eyes and glands within the eyes are toxic with metals, and deficient in minerals they won’t work nearly as well.

We need to enhance the bodies energy production by improving adrenal and thyroid cellular energy, and thereby reactivating the bodies self-healing mechanisms, so the body can finely deal with this low-grade infection in the eyes. This is done in several ways explained below.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

The most effective way that I have come across to reactive the bodies self-healing mechanisms is by balancing the bodies mineral levels and ratios. This is called Nutritional Balancing Science, and was developed by Dr Lawrence Wilson and Dr Paul Eck and has about 40 years of research on 60,000 clients who have followed their protocol.

It is the deepest and most effective method that I have come across in which to heal practically ANY type of chronic health problem because it heals the whole body. Because the whole body heals, dry eye also heals. Its like having a time machine and going back time to undo or reverse the damage that has been done to the entire body, including the eyes.

It is not a quick fix by any means, it does take a lot of time, but people can feel significant improvement fairly quickly. To detox the majority of toxins from the body, it takes approximately 2-3 years. That’s how toxic we are today!

I’m still detoxing toxic metals (particularly toxic copper) after 4 years, but I can tell you, its well worth it to have normal eyes again!

Rebalancing the bodies mineral levels and ratios involves doing a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and taking supplements based on your HTMA results (by ARL labs). The Lab has to be either ARL labs or TEI labs, because these are the only two labs who do not wash the hair with harsh chemicals. Washing the hair removes the mineral content so the test can not be used for mineral balancing purposes.

Then supplements are given based on your hair test results which are specially designed to rebalance your body chemistry and enhance your glandular and cellular energy production.

Once this is done and energy and vitality improves, the bodies healing mechanisms become activated and the body can start to eliminate toxic metals and replace them with healthy minerals. The body will now have enough energy to finely deal with and heal the low-grade infection in the eyes that is causing dry eye syndrome.

Most people have 6-12 low-grade infections throughout their bodies that they are unaware of.

The infection will ”flare up” as its being removed because the immune system mounts an inflammatory response to kill of the infection. So symptoms can become worse before they get better. Inflammation is a healing response, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It only becomes problematic when the body is unable to heal the infection due to blocked healing mechanisms for the reasons already stated. This is when chronic inflammation occurs.

Taking random supplements, such as multi vitamins, which most holistic doctors recommend, wont work. The supplements need to be specifically targeted based on a properly interpreted HTMA to shift your body chemistry to allow self-healing to occur. Taking minerals without knowing what your body needs can disrupt the balance of other minerals in the body. It is the balance that is important.

Here is an example of a HTMA with my interpretation:

Here’s a quick interpretation of some of the findings of a HTMA:

As you can see this person has high levels of copper on their first hair test. This means that they have copper toxicity. Toxic copper causes inflammation, and damage to tissues. It also allows chronic infections to thrive. Copper in low levels is a healthy mineral that the body needs, but when it builds up high amounts it is stored in cells and tissue and causes chronic inflammation and disease. Copper is needed by the body to fight off infection and keep infections under control. When it is in a toxic/bio-unavailable form it is not ”available” to the body for the purposes of fighting infection.

Therefore, when the body is copper toxic it will have a hard time removing the low-grade infection in the eyes. By improving glandular energy on a nutritional balancing program, the body will start to remove this toxic copper and copper will become bio-available for the purposes of fighting off the low-grade infection in the eyes. To read more about the connection between copper toxicity and infections, see my blog post: Candida and Copper Toxicity.

This person also has aluminium and cadmium toxicity. These toxic metals need to be removed as they create an environment in the body where low-grade infections can thrive. You may not be able to get rid of the infection in your eyes unless you address toxicity in your body.

They also have a low NA/K ratio, which means they have very low vitality and glandular energy. We need to raise this ratio in order to enhance the bodies energy production and activate the bodies self-healing mechanisms.

Detoxification Protocols

These protocols work well in combination with a HTMA program, but not as well when used on their own.

The second most effective way to enhance the bodies energy production is by removing enough toxins from the body by manual methods. Toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, nickel, copper, and even toxic calcium and 1000’s of toxic chemicals that we breathe in, put on our skin and bathe in, build up in our body tissue, cells and lymphatic systems. They put pressure on the bodies energetic and immune systems.

When the body is overloaded with toxins, the body is constantly having to deal with these toxins and energy is being used up to take care of them. By reducing the toxicity of the body, also known as the ‘allostatic load’, we can get some of these toxins out-of-the-way. This frees up the bodies energy and allows for real, deep healing to take place.

Toxins also create an environment in the body where infections are able to thrive. Infections feed on toxic waste substances, including toxic metals and chemicals. So in order to rid the body and eyes of low-grade infections it is absolutely vital that you detox the body. See my article on why you have to detox metals to get rid of candida (and other infections): Are Heavy Metals the Reason you Can’t get Rid of Candida.

I recommend infrared saunas and coffee enemas to my dry eye clients for this purpose.

Coffee enemas are particularly good at mechanically cleansing the liver, removing the back log of toxins. When the liver is backed up with toxins, its activity becomes sluggish and the body cannot remove toxins from cells and tissue. Parasites such as liver flukes that infect the liver also slow down the function of the liver. Coffee enemas help to clear liver flukes which allows the liver to function optimally.

Coffee enemas also speed up the phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways in the liver, and this speeds the removals of toxins and low-grade infections from the body. This clears the way for the body to start removing toxic metals, chemicals and low-grade infections from cells.

I actually saw amazing results from coffee enemas. My bodies healing mechanisms sprung into action after the second coffee enema that I did, and I believe they were a big factor in the healing of my dry eyes.

Infrared saunas heat the body up several degrees, this helps to kill off low-grade infections. The near infrared heat lamp penetrates up to 7 inches deep inside body tissue and this kills off infection within the cells. Using a near infrared sauna can aid in the healing of low-grade infections in the thyroid gland, adrenals, the gut, or anywhere in the body.

Removing these infections from the glands and body helps to enhance glandular energy, which in turn activates the bodies self-healing mechanisms.

Infrared saunas are able to remove toxins from deep within body tissue. The most superficial layer of toxic substances will be detoxed first, and then deeper layers of toxins will gradually rise to the surface. With continuous sauna sessions, each layer of toxicity is eventually removed.

Nutritional balancing involves a holistic approach which includes the correct diet, a HTMA test, supplementation specific to your body chemistry, gut healing, detox protocols, lifestyle change and a holistic practitioner who is trained in HTMA and understands nutritional balancing and detoxification (FYI: most naturopaths or functional medicine MD’s don’t do this approach). So I would recommend finding a holistic practitioner who is trained in and understands Nutritional Balancing/HTMA to help you with the testing and protocol.

If you want to address the root cause of your dry eye condition, I work with dry eye clients world-wide on skype, if you are interested in doing a Nutritional Balancing program/HTMA program book a 30 minute call with me: Discovery Call


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2 Comments on “Heal the Cause of Dry Eye: Low Grade Infections

  1. You recommend infrared sauna for detox. Can infrared sauna dry out or dehydrate the eyes and cause an increase in dry eye symptoms? I’ve been using an infrared sauna and experienced a vitreous hemorrhage, vitreous detachment, retinal hemorrhage and two retinal tears resulting in severe floaters and the need for laser eye surgery to tack the tears! Do you think any of this was related to my use of the infrared sauna causing my eyes to be dehydrated? Is there a way to protect the eyes during sauna use? Thanks

    • Hi Terri

      Really sorry to hear about your eye problems. I cant say whether it was caused by an infrared sauna, you could contact the manufacturer about this and what they recommend for safety precautions. They usually recommended eye protection. I have not experienced any worsening of dry eyes in a sauna as I use a portable sauna and my head is not in the sauna.

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