Resolve Dry Eye Syndrome by Detoxing Your Body

Right so I want to share something important with you, I believe that in order to completely reverse hard to treat chronic disease you NEED to detox the body. The reason I’m certain about this is because I had a chronic disease (severe dry eye) which did not respond to most methods of healing. But has improved, finely, after detoxing my body of metals, chemicals and biological toxins such as candida and parasites.

I intuitively knew that I would not have gotten better (mostly) if I hadn’t detoxed my body and fixed my gut. Two of the most important aspects to consider to reverse ANY chronic disease.

I get many emails from people or read posts in my Facebook forum about how people have tried this diet and that diet, gluten-free, candida diet and so on. They are taking supplements, and have tried many things but are still not getting any better. They are still suffering with chronic dry eyes.  The reason they are not seeing improvement in their condition is that they are not addressing the ROOT CAUSE.

Address the Root Cause of Disease

Everything in life has a cause and effect. Dry eye is the effect (the symptom), but what’s the cause?

I like to use this analogy when thinking about the root cause:

If someone leaves a tap running in the bathroom and the sink was overflowing, leaving a pool of water on the floor. Would you grab a mop and bucket and mop up the water but leave the tap running and continue to mop up the water without turning off the tap? Or would you turn off the tap and then mop up water?

Of course you would choose to turn off the tap, and address the cause of the problem so that the symptom ”wet floor” goes away permanently and you don’t spend the rest of your life managing the symptom by constantly moping the floor!

By mopping up the water, and leaving the tap running you are not addressing the ROOT cause. You are merely managing the symptom (the wet floor). This is akin to taking a drug, drugs do not address the ROOT cause, they only manage the symptom.

So instead of managing a symptom in your body with a drug or some other method, why not remove the cause of the problem so that the symptom disappears for good?

I appreciate this is a different way of looking at health and disease and not one that many people are familiar with. It really requires a dramatic mind-set shift and an ability to let go of the old way of thinking which has led us to believe that chronic disease has no cure. Which is completely untrue.

Healing chronic disease is no different to turning off the tap, it’s not as easy, but it can be done.

The Degeneration of Parts of the Body

In order to figure out what is causing dry eye we need to look deeper at what causes the degeneration of cells and tissue in the body. The degeneration of tissue causes a chronic inflammatory response and the result is dry eye. Dry eye results because when there is an ongoing inflammatory response this causes the glands not to function well and stop producing tears. So if we remove the cause of the inflammation, the glands will be able to function normally and produce an adequate supply and consistency of tears.

In addition to this, once we remove the cause, we are then able to use essential fatty acids in the form of fish oil and omega 7 (sea buckthorn oil) to thin the tear secretions. Because in MGD, the oil has thickened. Taking omega 3’s and omega 7 can resolve this problem.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, there are other underlying factors which we also need to address, and if we don’t address them, taking fish oil will not be very effective. This was the case for me, UNTILL I addressed these root causes. Before finding the real solution to my eye condition, taking fish oil had no benefit at all.

Changing your diet is great and is absolutely needed, but it wont work, at least for severe dry eye, unless its combined with a comprehensive detoxification and gut healing approach.

Detoxing the body is a very deep approach to healing, which goes far beyond the western medicine approach of masking symptoms with drugs and even beyond the basics of most nutritional approaches. The reason detoxification works so well for hard to treat chronic health issues such as dry eye syndrome, systemic Candida infections and other chronic health issues is that it removes the ROOT cause of tissue degeneration: Toxins.

Toxins come in many different forms such as heavy metals, chemicals, biological toxins such as infections, and metabolic toxins which are naturally produced by the body.

Instead of just managing or dulling the symptoms with drugs or other methods, in order to REVERSE and RESTORE parts of the body back to a normal state of health you NEED to detox the body!

Read my article on heavy metal toxicity and see how heavy metal toxicity is a huge problem today. And how it’s really the underlying cause of the majority of chronic disease.

How to Detox your Body and Reverse Chronic Disease

The first step towards detoxing metals is to have a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test done. A HTMA test will show your mineral levels and ratios, heavy metal toxins levels and levels of other toxic substances. Read more about HTMA testing: here.

Based on the result results I then formulate a supplement protocol that will balance mineral levels and ratios, improve adrenal and thyroid function and increase energy in the body. The body will then start to detox heavy metals naturally once the mineral levels and ratios are more balanced.

Minerals are heavy metal antagonists. They compete with heavy metals and cause the body to release metals from tissue storage sites. These metals are then replaced with minerals in cells, tissues and enzyme binding sites.

Heavy metals are highly reactive and toxic. When stored in human tissue they cause oxidative damage to the organ of the body in which they are stored. Heavy metals can be stored in any organ of the body or soft tissue within the body, including the eyes and eyelids. Metals can be stored anywhere in the body, but particularly within fat cells. The Meibomian glands in the eyelids produce lipids which keep the eyes moist and prevent tear evaporation. Metals can be stored within these glands and eyelids resulting in chronic inflammation and in turn dry eye.

Removing heavy metals leads to a reduction in chronic inflammation in the tissue, because the cause of the inflammation has been removed. Once the body burden of toxic metals has been reduced, the body can then restore and regenerate tissues and organs and function returns to normal.

Heal the Gut

The second step to detox heavy metals and resolve dry eye syndrome is to address gut dysfunction. Friendly gut bacteria help to remove toxins and take them out of the body via the stool and prevent reabsorption of toxins from the colon back into the blood stream. Also, bringing down levels of pathogenic bacteria will reduce the bodies burden of toxicity, allowing the body and immune system to get to work removing toxins from the body.

In order to do this I recommend stool testing to identify an overgrowth of bad bacteria such as candida, parasites, or pathogenic bacteria. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can knock these gut infections out with targeted herbal remedies.

Healing leaky gut is also important to prevent the reabsorption of toxins and ensuring that you are having a bowel movement at least once per day.


Getting the diet right is important for the detoxification of heavy metals. Eating 7-9 portions of cooked vegetables per day provide much needed minerals and vitamins that the body is deficient in. Vegetables re-mineralise the body and assist with the removal of toxic metals.

In addition, cruciferous vegetables provide sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a substance that increases the activity of enzymes in the liver that remove toxins from the body and increase levels of glutathione.

Glutathione is the bodies main cellular anti-oxidant which protects the cells from oxidative damage, removes toxins and transports them to the liver to be processed and removed from the body.

Eating a diet that is correct for your oxidation type, will help to speed up healing and enhance the body’s ability to remove heavy metals. You can find out what your oxidation type is by doing a HTMA test, mentioned above.


Eat foods which raise your levels of glutathione in the body. I wrote an article on this a while ago.

Glutathione is the bodies master cellular antioxidant and good levels are needed to remove heavy metals from the cells and transport them to the liver to be processed and removed from the body

You can also take glutathione in supplement form to boost glutathione levels. This is particularly beneficial for people who have genetic mutations on enzymes in the liver which produce glutathione. I was one of those people. I have a deleted version of GSTM1, which is the gene which encodes the glutathione-s-transferase enzyme.

I am in no doubt that the result of this enzyme deletion has been a build up of toxic metals over the years, due to a reduced ability to detoxify them. The end result being chronic health problems! There are many factors involved in the build up of metal toxicity, but I believe this is significant. You can test for these genetic mutations by doing a nutrigenomic DNA test, which I offer to clients with chronic health problems, read about this here: DNA TESTING.

Detoxification Protocols

Along with doing a HTMA test and gut healing protocol, I also recommend doing detox protocols to speed the detox up and resolve dry eyes faster. It can take years to reduce the toxic load of the body, which is why I doing adding in protocols

  1. Coffee enemas

Coffee enemas are amazing at cleansing the liver, boosting glutathione and removing toxic stagnation and build up in the liver. When the toxic build in the liver is reduced, the liver can then get to work to detox the rest of the body.

If the liver is toxic, then it cant do its job properly, because there is a back log of toxins which are yet to be dealt with. The job of the liver is to detoxify heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins and remove them from the body. If this is not happening, toxins will build up in the cells. So coffee enemas can speed up the detox process by years.

Interestingly, in Chinese medicine, dry eyes are linked to a toxic liver and sluggish liver. So improving liver function makes sense in any dry eye holistic approach.

   2. Infrared saunas

The benefits of FAR or NEAR infrared saunas can fill a whole article. But for this purpose, I will keep the discussion about detoxing.

Infrared saunas penetrate at least 2 inches deep inside the tissues of the body and remove toxins at deep levels. The most superficial layer of toxic substances will be detoxed first, and then deeper layers of toxins will gradually rise to the surface. With continuous sauna sessions, each layer of toxicity is eventually removed.

How to Get Started

Detoxification is not a do-it-yourself process. It is very complex and all aspects need to be considered, particularly prepping the body for safe and successful detoxification. Getting the nutrition right, based on each persons nutritional needs is important or you can create more problems than you solve.





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  1. I have fatty liver and have developed bad dry eyes in last couple of years. I now believe they are correlated. I need to get my health back on track. I’ve been miserable. How do I get started???

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