The Healing Crisis: My Experience

The most important lesson I have learnt since starting my healing journey 3.5 years ago is this: If a healing crisis fails to occur on a natural healing programme or therapy then it’s not REAL healing.

What is a Healing Crisis?

Ok let me explain what I mean by a healing crisis. A healing crisis is an intense healing event which occurs on natural healing protocols. These protocols usually involve some form of detoxification where the body eliminates toxins, yeasts and parasites. Read my post which explains why everyone is toxic today and how it is the major underlying cause of the majority of chronic disease.

In a healing crisis every system and organ in the body works together to remove toxins (this might be heavy metals, chemicals, biological toxins such as yeasts or bacteria). When toxins are removed from deep within cells, tissues and organs they are then transported in the blood stream to the liver or kidneys to be processed and excreted via urine or stool.

These toxins are deadly, mercury is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. Yet most people have large amounts stored in their bodies, festering and causing chronic disease.

During a healing crisis or healing reaction, these toxins are dumped into the blood stream to be removed. While these toxins are floating around in the blood they cause many annoying symptoms. This is what is known as the ”healing crisis”. Other names for the healing crisis include: healing reactions, retracing, dumping, or detox symptoms.

Here are some examples of symptoms that can occur and I have personally experienced during healing reactions:

  • Anxiety
  • fatigue
  • Chills
  • Brain fog/lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Low appetite
  • Pain anywhere in the body
  • Achiness
  • Headaches
  • Itchy skin/rashes
  • Flare up of old conditions (recently my dry eyes have been flaring up as they are retracing/healing), but I have not had a problem with them for 3 years.
  • Flu/colds (when you haven’t caught a cold)
  • Night sweats
  • Symptoms can be pretty much anything!

Basically once the body starts to heal, you may experience a healing crises. Despite the name ”crisis”, which sounds kind of scary, it is actually a good sign. It is a sign that your body has begun its long journey back to perfect health and your whole body is going to heal and be restored to its original state.

What is REAL Healing?

Here is some information about true healing that you wont hear very often. Because unfortunately, drugs, despite what the medical establishment want you to believe, really don’t heal anything. Drugs only mask the symptoms, while the condition is still there and it will not go away unless you address the underlying cause.

This is why doctors will tell you ”there’s no cure”, and they are right…. there’s no cure in their eyes, because the only methods they use are drugs, which don’t cure anything!

Also, drugs only treat one area of the body. If you have knee pain, you will be given a pain-killer for the pain. If you have high blood pressure, you will be given anti-hypertensive medication. This is the wrong approach.

We can not treat the body like we treat a car. When your car breaks down, the mechanic fix’s the faulty part and the whole car works again. In the same way, drugs try to address one disease in isolation to the rest of the body. But our bodies are not machines, they can not be fixed by addressing the faulty part without looking at what else is going on that might be contributing to or preventing healing.

The body is an organism, every body system works together, as one. Every organ or system is interconnected. For example, how well the gut is functioning will determine the strength of your  immune system. You can not separate one area of the body from another, we are NOT cars!

So if you have a problem in one area of the body, such as the eyes, you will also have a problem in other areas of the body such as weak adrenals, blocked detox pathways, gut dysfunction and so on. Health problems DO NOT happen in isolation. There is ALWAYS  an underlying cause. The eyes will not heal until you address these other problems. As I have found from own experience.

In true deep healing, the body is the cure. The human body has evolved over millions of years to be a self-healing organism. This ensures the survival of the man kind against a sea of disease-causing micro-organisms and toxins. Every person has been designed from the same master blue print. There are slight genetic variations, but the processes by which the body functions are the same. Our bodies are designed to repair themselves and combat any potentially harmful substance we encounter. If one person has the innate capability to overcome a particular disease, then all of us must have that same ability.

If you get a cut, it heals. If you break a bone, once in plaster, it will heal. If you have the flu, your body will fight off the virus. If you tear a muscle, it will heal. In every case, your immune system mounts an inflammatory response to overcome the issue.

What Can be Healed?

The body can heal pretty much anything if you support it with the right minerals and remove the barriers, such as heavy metals which are preventing it from healing.

The symptoms that you get when you have the flu, are not from the virus, but from your immune systems response to fighting off the virus. When fighting off the virus, you experience chills, fever, runny nose, cough etc. Chills and fever are the body’s way of raising your temperature so it can kill off the virus. So, the production of symptoms in the flu is a type of healing crisis/reaction. You feel awful, while the body is fighting off the cold. This is an example of the bodies own healing/restorative powers in action.

Inflammation is the body’s way of repairing itself after damage has occurred. When you cut yourself, it will become red, this is the inflammatory response to repairing the injury. Inflammation is NOT the enemy..

Anything CAN heal, the body is not selective, it will not only heal the above things, but it will also heal chronic health issues when given the chance.

As Charlotte Gerson says (watch this YouTube clip):  ”You can not heal selectively. When the body heals it heals anything”.

Charlotte Gerson is the daughter of Doctor Gerson, the man behind the Gerson Therapy. A therapy for terminal cancer, which focusses on detoxification and promotes the bodies natural healing ability to overcome cancer.

In chronic health issues, the body attempts to heal the damage with an inflammatory response, but it is not able to complete the process and so the inflammation becomes chronic.

Here are some of the reasons healing becomes blocked and a condition becomes chronic:

  • An overload of heavy metals, chemicals and toxic minerals such as copper in the body
  • Deficiency of many minerals including magnesium, zinc, calcium,  and others
  • Sluggish liver
  • Overload of biological toxins such as candida, parasites, viruses in the gut and body
  • Leaky gut
  • Low glutathione levels
  • Poor adrenal/thyroid gland function
  • Emotional trauma
  • Low vitality
  • And others

If you are TOXIC with heavy metals, chemicals, candida, biological toxins, emotional trauma, sluggish liver and so on, the body will not heal. The natural healing response is blocked.

Remove these barriers and health will return it is the law of nature.

My Healing Crisis Experience

When I first started on my natural healing journey 3.5 years ago it was because I had severe health problems. I had dry eyes, brain fog and candida. I was in alot of pain with my eyes and would do anything to get rid of it. So I went on the GAPS diet, which is an extreme diet that consists of no grains, no sugar, lots of meat, vegetables and bone broths and soups to heal my gut. I did coffee enemas, eeekkk. And I saw a nutritional therapist and took various supplements to kill candida and address nutritional deficiencies.

After about 3 months of doing this protocol, something very unexpected happened, I started to detox like crazy. I had read about gut healing, which is very important, because if the gut isn’t working, then nothing else works. So that is what I was focussing on. But I had no idea how toxic my body was! When toxins build up in the body you have no idea it’s happening. You don’t notice the slow accumulation of toxins over a lifetime. But, when you start to detox, boy do you know about it!

I had my first healing crisis about 3 months in and it was quite scary. I didn’t know anything about the healing crisis so I didn’t understand what was happening. Most of my healing reactions since then have been mild and manageable, but this one was quite extreme.

I was sitting in the lounge on my laptop and I suddenly felt extremely cold, shivery, and I could not get warm despite 5 blankets and a hot cup of herbal tea. I then became really thirsty and could not stop drinking water. I also felt achy, as if I was coming down with something. The following day, these extreme symptoms died down and I felt much better.

But, this was just the beginning. The detoxification processes had begun.

For the following 1.5 years, I detoxed heavy metals from my brain and head area. I knew this was happening due to the lethargic feeling, thirst and I could feel a pulling sensation as if toxins were being drawn downwards in the lymph to be removed. I also had a metallic taste in my mouth.

From my research I was in no doubt that heavy metals were being pulled out of my brain and eliminated. The brain is 60% fat and the body stores heavy metals in fat for safe keeping when it is unable to eliminate them.  Fat acts as a buffer protecting cells and tissues from being damaged by heavy metals. So it makes sense that heavy metals would be stored in the brain- they can be stored anywhere in the body.

I also had chills on and off while my body was eliminating chronic infections such as candida. And the thirst, this is something else! I was (and still am) thirsty a lot of the time. This is because my body needs extra fluids to dilute and carry off the toxins that were being released into my blood stream. This is so that they can be flushed out and disposed of.

After about 1.5 years of continuous detox symptoms, I started to get this strange burning pain in my stomach. Concerned that I had developed gastritis or a stomach ulcer I underwent an upper endoscopy. This is where they stick a tube down your throat into your stomach to look for stomach ulcers. Very unpleasant to say the least! Despite having had severe burning pain for about a month, the test was clear. No sign of an ulcer. No inflammation. Nothing.

This is when I realised that this was yet another, albeit quite strange, healing reaction. I think that I was detoxing heavy metals and retracing a gut infection. Who knows. After 3 months, it disappeared and has not come back.

After this healing reaction finished, I started to get very strange noises from my gut. Very loud gurgling noises which sound like the battle of Hastings. They go on all day and night sometimes, along with anxiety for no reason. The next morning I see strange things in my stool which looks like dead parasites. I was not taking anti-parasite herbs or anything to kill them. My body is handling them and they are dyeing off on their own.

I find this amazing because most people in the natural health world use parasite herbs or cleanses to rid the body of parasites. I believe this is just a short-term fix, because if the terrain isn’t improved by detoxing heavy metals and improving the health of the whole body, parasites will just come back. But in combination with a detox program, parasite cleanses can speed up the process.

I could literally be here all day talking about all the weird and wonderful healing reactions I have had. But here’s a short list:

  • Free floating anxiety for no reason (this is a symptom of detoxing toxic copper)
  • Sinus pain
  • Bloating
  • Burping
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Flare ups of my dry eye condition
  • Heat sensation in my gut (this is strange and is not linked to food, it has been happening on and off for a year).

To the lay person all this probably sounds kind of out-there. But through this detox process I have been able to significantly improve all of my health issues.


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