The Number One Cause of Candidiasis: Copper Toxicity


Following on from my recent blog article: Are Heavy Metals the Reason you Cant Get Rid of Candida I decided to dive a bit deeper into what I believe to be the main the cause of candidiasis and why everyone with chronic or systemic candidiasis needs to address this issue if they want any success in eliminating candida instead of just managing the symptoms of it.

Here’s a little background if you don’t already know me. I had chronic candida for many years, after trying everything under the sun to bring it under control and failing miserably I finely found the REAL cause of my candidiasis…..heavy metals, in particular copper toxicity.

After a year or so of hard core heavy metal detoxing and mineral rebalancing, my candida problem went away on its own. My body brought it under control. I did not need to use cleanses, anti-fungals or EVEN get this…. a strict anti-candida diet.

In fact, the candida and parasites just went away despite eating a reasonably high carbohydrate diet. A big candida no-no according to many experts.

The extreme low carb diet did not work for my body. It made me very constipated and I lost about 2 stone. Being that I was already a thin person this made me look very unhealthy and medically underweight.

Copper Toxicity Causes Candidiasis

Copper toxicity refers to high levels of the metal copper which is stored in cells and tissues of the body. High levels of copper in the body causes cellular damage, inflammation and pain.

Copper is a healthy mineral and is absolutely essential to human life. But it is only needed in very small amounts. When it builds up in large amounts in the body it becomes toxic and can not be used by the body for normal biological functions.

Dr Paul Eck coined the phrase ”copper bio-unavailability”. This means that high amounts of copper are stored in our cells in a form that the body can not utilise. So instead it just sits there and rusts causing cell damage and death leading to chronic disease.

The number one ROOT cause of Candidiasis is not antibiotics in my opinion, although this does ignite the flame, but copper toxicity!

The reason for this is simple, copper is the bodies internal anti-fungal. The body uses copper to fight off yeast and other pathogenic bacteria and to keep it from growing out of control. It does this through a process of phagocytosis, whereby phagocytes (white blood cells) pump candida or other bacteria with copper resulting in its death.

When a person is copper toxic, the toxic form of copper is not available to the body for the purpose of fighting off or controlling yeast infections. This allows candida to grow, thrive and take over.

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of copper have been known for centuries and have long been used to prevent the growth of pathogenic microbes. For example, copper sulfate is often sprayed on crops to kill yeast and fungus. Copper is also used in some swimming pools and hot tubs to control yeast and bacterial growth.

Candida Favours a Copper Toxic Environment

Another reason that copper toxicity allows candida to take over and thrive is that copper is critical for enzymes that produce energy in the electron transport system of the mitochondria. This is the part of the cell where energy is produced. The electron transport system favours aerobic (oxygen) based metabolism. When copper is in a bio-unavailable form, this system has to rely on anaerobic metabolism. In anaerobic metabolism, glucose (sugar) is used to drive energy production instead of oxygen. This creates an anaerobic environment within cells.

Candida favours an anaerobic environment as it feeds on sugar for its survival and growth. This is the concept behind the anti-candida diet, starve it by removing its food source ”sugar”. Which works in the short-term, but also starves your body… I hasten to add!

Therefore, in an anaerobic environment, candida is able to make its self at home with lots of sugar to feed on.

The goal then is to make the body inhospitable to candida by changing the environment from an anaerobic one to an aerobic one. An aerobic environment will not be conducive to candida overgrowth.

Clean up the environment of the body by removing excess copper and candida and parasites will leave of their own accord.

How Does Copper Toxicity Happen?

Copper toxicity is very common today, here are some reasons why:

Adrenal exhaustion. The most important cause of copper toxicity is weak adrenal gland activity or adrenal exhaustion. The adrenal glands stimulate the production of ceruloplasmin in the liver. Ceruloplasmin is a protein that binds to copper, and makes it bio-available by transporting it around the body to be used for biological processes. When a person has adrenal exhaustion or weak adrenal activity, they are not able to make enough ceruloplasmin and so copper remains in a toxic/bio-unavailable form within the cells that can not be used by the body. Improving adrenal gland function is one way to resolve this issue.

Zinc deficiency. Today most people are deficient in zinc. The reason for this is that the soil is depleted of zinc and therefore so is our food. Refined sugar, white rice and white flour have been stripped of their zinc content. A deficiency of zinc causes the build up of copper in the tissues as copper is used instead of zinc for enzyme reactions. Zinc is needed for the proper immune response. A proper immune response is required to fight off candida and keep it under control.

The vegetarian diet is very high in copper. Nuts, beans, seeds and grains are very high in copper. Meat contains copper, but the ratio of copper to zinc is more balanced. Zinc competes for the absorption of copper in the gut, so this will prevent so much copper from being absorbed into the body.

Some women have high oestrogen levels. This can be due to hormone imbalance, the birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy. Oestrogen causes the body to retain more copper, resulting in copper toxicity. This may explain why some women are prone to yeast infections during or after their menstrual cycle, as this is the time when oestrogen levels rise and peak.

How To Remove Copper

I will be doing a part two of this blog post which will go into more depth on how to detox copper shortly. But for now, here is the low down….

I recommend getting a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) done and doing a nutritional balancing programme to reduce your copper levels. This will also detox your entire body of heavy metals, balance mineral ratios, and bring your candida under control.

By balancing my body chemistry using a HTMA and appropriate supplementation I was able to reduce my copper levels drastically. When my copper levels came down my candida started to die off on its own. I had a lot of candida die off symptoms during this time.

When I first had a HTMA done my copper level was on the high-end of normal. I had been detoxing metals and probably copper for 2 years, so I believe that my copper levels had already fallen prior to having this test done.

This is the interesting part, don’t skim read….

As you can see from the difference between my first hair test and third hair test my copper levels decreased. It was around this time that my candida started to die off on its own.

The reason for this, I theorize, is that as the toxic copper was removed and my adrenals became stronger, my body was able to make more ceruloplasmin which could bind to the copper and make it available for the purpose of fighting off the yeast.

This resulted in die off symptoms for several months as the candida was dieing off.

Here is my First HTMA:



Here is my third HTMA, over a year later (copper levels came down and my candida is now gone!)


I detoxed a lot of toxic copper during this year and I also had a lot of copper detox symptoms along the way. If you experience any copper detox symptoms, such as anxiety or insomnia its a sign that the copper is being removed and you are healing. So don’t worry, reduce the supplements and they should go away in a few days.

It worked for me, it can for you too!


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4 Comments on “The Number One Cause of Candidiasis: Copper Toxicity

  1. Sara – I’ve had high copper in the past tests and went off birth control as a result. That number leveled off, but my zinc had been low since. I’ve been on a supplement for a while. I’ve had dry eyes for about 3 years – began around I changed birth control pills. Could copper still be built up? My functional doc has yet to test me for metals and said to wait on that. Thoughts?

  2. I too have tried all the candida remedies. The anti-candida diet also made me become medically underweight as well and did not solve the problem. Birth control pills made my symptoms worse so I stopped those. I had blood and saliva tests done that show poor adrenal function overall including low ceruloplasmin which leads to low bio-available copper while simultaneously being high in toxic unbound copper. I have tried every single natural remedy for “adrenal fatigue” so my adrenal glands would signal for more ceruloplasmin production, but am still suffering with yeast, even in my fingernails and toe nails now.

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